Wholesale LM-160 English hand-held portable label printer LMR-160 stickers label printer LM160 For DYMO LM- 160

9mm label paper link:                                             


DYMO 160 portable label machine is on hand, you can print labels anytime and anywhere.   Label print width: 6,9,12 mm D1 Tape;   Six font sizes, eight text styles, four boxes and baselines;   228 additional signs may be added.   Six AAA batteries were used.     Width 118mm   Size 118 x 203 x 49mm   Print line 2   Depth 203mm   Weight 350g   The keyboard is   Height 49mm   PC connection software download please contact customer service or DYMO official website to download.x1_x2_x3_x4_x5_x6x7