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Machine advantages:

This machine supports almost all languages in the world, and the operating system can directly adjust the language, so there is no need to worry about not understanding it. You can also directly input various national script languages. The supported languages are as follows: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, German, Dutch, Thai, Ukrainian, Mongolian Language, Uzbek, Malay, Indonesian, Slovak, Croatian, Persian, Lithuanian.

Machine parameters:

Cartridge Type: Solvent Quick Dry

Number of printing lines: 1-4 lines

External interface: usb, photoelectric, power supply

Counting sequence: 1-9 bit sequence variable

Printing accuracy: 600dpi

Printing content: date, text, pattern, etc.

Printing height: 2-12.7mm

Product weight: 1.08kg

Product size: 25*12.6*5cm

Printing material: almost all materials such as carton, plastic, metal, etc.

Machine parameter table:

All items shipped are as follows (varies depending on the amount you purchased):

The supported languages are as follows:

The supported fonts for input are as follows:

Text size can be adjusted

4.3-inch screen, touch screen control,The screen operation language can be freely adjusted to the language you commonly use

Support U disk to transfer various patterns for printing

The parts of the machine are shown in the figure:

Large capacity battery:

printing scene display: